VIBER mailings service

Unique authoring technology

  • active links in messages
  • button in the message with a link or a call
  • automatic verification of your database on Viber subscribers
  • personal account
  • for partners and resellers we provide a panel in White Label format with placement on your domain



You can send a message with a picture or video, which will increase the brand recognition. Viber pictures are automatically saved in the subscriber's phone.


In comparison with SMS on the phone it is cheaper by 4-5 times.
SMS (140 characters) from 1.4 rubles.
- Viber, Whatsapp, iMessage (1000 characters) from 0,4 rubles


Messages are sent only to contacts that have an instant messenger. You pay only for the delivered.


Your logo and name in the Viber and Whatsapp mailing lists
This will increase the conversion by 1.5 times.


You can manage your newsletters from your personal office, it is very conveniently.


Send coupons to your customers. Individual offers.

Platform in White Label format for partners and resellers

If you have customers who are interested in sending their messages by Whatsapp or Viber,  we are ready to offer you a profitable affiliate program.

Order the calls and we will contact you in the near future 8 913 044 47 05


Sending messages:
Text (up to 1000 characters)
/ Text + button / Picture + button / text + picture + button
Volume up to 1 000 000 messages per day
Branding in real time format
Providing a platform to partners: platform branding (logo and color solution), placement of an entry on the partner's domain, technical support.
Customer support 24/7
Convenient billing inside the platform. The ability to keep records in rubles, dollars or euros.
Support for 4 languages (Russian, English, Arabic, Estonian). If you have clients that require a different language, write to us and we will add it literally in one day.


You want to save on sending SMS and increase the efficiency of your mailings, but do not know how to apply the technology of Viber mailings
In your sphere?

Ask us and we'll help!

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